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Our Mission

In today's data and AI landscape, there's an explosion of public available tools. However, non-programmers are largely left out of this revolution. Many tools still demand basic programming skills right from the beginning. This makes teams dependent on developers, reducing productivity, efficiency, and resulting in an enormous waste of potential and ideas left unimplemented.
Domino is an open-source no-code platform that revolutionizes the way professionals bring their ideas to life using data and AI. We bridge the gap between innovation and implementation by providing a platform designed to simplify workflow creation and management, unify tools, enhance collaboration between teams, and promote reusability and reproducibility.

Meet the Team

Luiz Tauffer Founder and CEO image
Luiz Tauffer
Founder & CEO
Vinícius Vaz Co-Founder and CTO image
Vinícius Vaz
Co-Founder & CTO
Nathan Vieira Lead Software Engineer image
Nathan Vieira
Lead Software Engineer

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